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October 27, 2014 | Salon
COWS calculates that raising the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would lead to pay increases for half a million Wisconsinites.  READ MORE
October 26, 2014 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Wisconsin Jobs Now calls for living wage, cites COWS and EPI study: Raise The Floor.
October 15, 2014 | The Capital Times
COWS Associate Director Laura Dresser is interviewed. READ MORE
October 15, 2014 | Milwaukee Shepherd Express
Issue of the Week:
"Did you know that Wisconsin’s governor, on his or her own, can raise the minimum wage? In fact, the governor is required by law to ensure that all Wisconsinites—not just those earning a minimum wage—are paid a living wage for their work." READ MORE
October 10, 2014 | Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- Linda Branch, a 50-year-old personal care worker in Milwaukee, works 20 hours a week making $11 an hour, or around $400 every two weeks. That's barely enough to make her rent, she told the state's Department of Workforce Development in a recent filing. She added that she recently had to borrow money to keep her electricity running, and that she could not afford to send her grandson, whom she raises, to his recent homecoming dance. READ MORE
October 09, 2014 |
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spent this week trying to convince women voters that he isn’t as extreme on reproductive rights as his record shows. Between a misleading ad about new restrictions on abortion and dodging questions about his anti-choice position even in cases of rape or incest, Walker is clearly trying to redefine his stance on women’s health as he enters the final weeks of his campaign against Democrat Mary Burke. READ MORE
October 09, 2014 | The Capital Times
Poverty-wage work is widespread in Wisconsin, particularly in food, retail, residential and in-home health care sectors, with roughly 700,000 workers earning less than a living wage in 2013, according to a report released Thursday by the Madison-based Center on Wisconsin Strategy and the Economic Policy Institute.

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October 09, 2014 | Wisconsin State Journal

Raising the minimum wage would help not only workers but the state’s economy, the UW-Madison’s Center on Wisconsin Strategy said Wednesday.

September 02, 2014 | Shepherd Express
August 11, 2014 | Joy Cardin Show, WPR

The Joy Cardin Show
Labor unions in Wisconsin will have their day in the sun again, according to Joy Cardin’s guest Barry Eidlin, but it’s going to take a while.  In the State Capitol Report, Eidlin explains why he says the growing income gap will lead to big labor’s resurgence, and points to evidence that he says proves that a fresh pro-worker movement is underway.

August 02, 2014 | The Capital Times

UW-Madison researcher predicts that income gap will catalyze union comeback.

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