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September 02, 2014 | Shepherd Express
August 11, 2014 | Joy Cardin Show, WPR

The Joy Cardin Show
Labor unions in Wisconsin will have their day in the sun again, according to Joy Cardin’s guest Barry Eidlin, but it’s going to take a while.  In the State Capitol Report, Eidlin explains why he says the growing income gap will lead to big labor’s resurgence, and points to evidence that he says proves that a fresh pro-worker movement is underway.

August 02, 2014 | The Capital Times

UW-Madison researcher predicts that income gap will catalyze union comeback.

July 31, 2014 | CommonWealth
July 31, 2014 | Comonwealth Magazine
June 16, 2014 | Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute and the Annie E. Casey Foundation released a book on the evolution of sector strategies in the last decade as a strategy to improve the employment prospects and self-sufficiency of low-income workers.


COWS Associate Director, Laura Dresser, and WRTP/BIG STEP President, Earl Buford, co-authored a chapter, The Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership: The Evolution of an Intermediary, the Shifting Target of 21st Century Manufacturing, and the Continuing Relevance of Unions in Labor Markets.

Published by the American Assembly at Columbia University, Connecting People to Work also includes chapters by prominent nonprofit leaders, foundation officials, and researchers. It documents how the philanthropic community, the public and private sectors, and the workforce development and higher education fields can contribute to and utilize sector strategies to strengthen our workforce system and economy. Read more.

May 11, 2014 | Wisconsin State Journal
April 25, 2014 | Middle Ground
Click here for Barry Eidlin's interview with NPR's "Middle Ground" about the recent court decision upholding Act 10 in Wisconsin.
The show aired Friday, April 25, 2014. The segment begins at the 3:29 mark.
April 15, 2014 | LERA - Labor and Employment Research Association

Barry Eidlin's dissertation, The Class Idea: Politics, Ideology, and Class Formation in the United States and Canada in the Twentieth Century, has been selected as the winner of the Labor and Employment Research Association's Thomas A. Kochan and Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Award.

The Award will be presented during the General Membership Meeting and Awads Ceremony at the 66th LERA Annual Meeting in Portand, Oregon on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

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