Joel Rogers


Joel Rogers is professor of law, political science, public affairs, and sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also directs COWS, and its subsidiary Mayors Innovation Project, Center for State Innovation, and State Smart Transportation Initiative. Rogers has written widely on American politics and public policy (books include On Democracy, Right Turn, The Forgotten Majority, What Workers Want, and, most recently American Society: How It Really Works). He is a MacArthur Foundation Fellow and a longtime social and political activist; Newsweek identifies him as one of the 100 living Americans most likely to shape U.S. politics and culture in the 21st century. He co-founded and was first chair of the Apollo Alliance, and recently co-founded the Emerald Cities Collaborative, whose first project is comprehensive, cost-effective energy retrofits of Americans urban building stock.


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Recent Books

Cities at Work: Progressive Local Policies to Rebuild the Middle Class
(Washington, DC: Center for  American Progress, 2014). With S. Rhodes-Conway.


American Society: How It Really Works

(New York: WW Norton, 2010). With E.O. Wright.