Wisconsin Job Watch

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April 09, 2013

Wisconsin Job Watch is a monthly publication that tracks Wisconsin's jobs deficit.


Wisconsin added 12,000 jobs in the month of February, and estimates of the number of jobs added in January were revised upward by 9,000, adding to a total of 19,000 new jobs, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wisconsin’s job deficit now stands at 156,300, a remarkable change from the last estimate of 245,000. Two changes account for this. First, in the month of January, the reporting agency that estimates the number of jobs created each month revised over four years of data and small changes over 48 months added up to the substantial change in the jobs deficit. Second, the agency revised downward the growth in population over this time period. In short, the new estimates show more jobs and fewer people, meaning a smaller jobs deficit.


Wisconsin Jobs Deficit: 156,300

  • 71,900 jobs lost since the start of the recession.
  • 84,400 jobs needed to accomodate population growth.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate (first chart below) which has averaged 6.9% for the preceding 12 months, ticked up in February from 7.0% to 7.2%. Construction and manufacturing employment (second chart below), which saw incredible decline after the recession, both continued to grow in February, manufacturing adding 100 jobs, and construction adding 1,100. 



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