Wisconsin Job Watch - September Data Update

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October 31, 2014

Well into the sixth year since the beginning of the Great Recession, Wisconsin remains below the employment levels of December 2009. New data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Wisconsin gained only 300 jobs in September. A private sector increase of 8,400 jobs was offset by a decline of 8,100 jobs in the public sector. The net change in September was a meager increase for Wisconsin of just 300 jobs.


Wisconsin’s job deficit now stands at about 127,100. The state still has 15,300 fewer jobs than in 2007 before the beginning of Great Recession. Wisconsin’s population has grown since then. Just to keep up with that growth, Wisconsin needs to add another 111,800 jobs. These two numbers added together – 127,100 – account for the current Wisconsin Job Deficit. At our current pace –gaining some 300 jobs per month- recovery in the Wisconsin labor market is out of sight.