Wisconsin Job Watch

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January 25, 2013

Wisconsin Job Watch is a monthly publication that tracks Wisconsin's jobs deficit.


Wisconsin added 1,300 jobs and saw no change in the unemployment rate in December 2012, a fitting end to a second year of labor market stagnation in the state. Wisconsin's jobs deficit now stands at more than 240,000. The deficit accounts for two factors. First, the state has 152,900 fewer jobs than it did five years ago when the recession began. During that time period, however, the working-age population in Wisconsin has been growing. Indeed, over those five years the state should have added over 90,000 jobs just to keep up with population growth. Combined, these make up to a jobs deficit of 243,127.


Wisconsin's Jobs Deficit: 243,127

  • 152,900 jobs lost since the start of the recession
  • 90,277 jobs needed to accommodate population growth


This Wisconsin Job Watch also offers a slightly more detailed review of jobs activity over the last two years, a period that saw Wisconsin fall out of step with the national economic recovery. Across the nation, and even in the Midwest, the last two years have produced steady job growth. Wisconsin has been unique in its economic malaise, as the figure below shows.



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