Municipal Food Policy to Impact Health and Health Equity in Wisconsin Communities

Start date: November 21, 2017

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  • Amber Canto is the FoodWise State Program coordinator at UW-Extension, where she has worked with colleagues from all program areas and has led research projects concerning food pantries, farmers’ markets, and childhood obesity prevention. She focuses on strengthening the food security infrastructure through policies, systems, and environments to ensure healthy food access and availability for all. Amber will be speaking about how to identify and address disparities in food access, ways that data might be used to facilitate incorporating health and health equity in all food policies at the city/village and county level.


  • Carrie Edgar is the Director of UW-Extension Dane County. Carrie serves as staff for the Dane County Food Council, serves on the Madison Food Policy Council, and the Gardens Network. Carrie will talk about the value of food policy councils, how a community can think about starting one, and about the influence they can have in sustained policy change.She will also address the role of equity impact analysis and the role local government can play in promoting equity through food policy.