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Apr 01, 1999
Category: Jobs & Skills
This report introduces partnerships currently operating in Wisconsin and the theory behind them. It also demonstrates that the partnership systems are replicable by outlining the steps taken to develop a partnership of any scale and in any industry.
Laura Dresser, Dori Lange, Alison Sirkus | Mar 01, 1999
Category: Jobs & Skills
This report examines the range of experience with CNA turnover and seeks to identify some of the best local practices that reduce turnover among CNA and staff.
Laura Dresser and Joel Rogers | Jan 01, 1999
Category: Jobs & Skills
This article compares the "American Model" of labour market regulation in the United States to outside countries, particularly in Europe.
Joel Rogers | Oct 01, 1998
Category: Jobs & Skills
A discussion about legislation before the Madison City Council and Dane County Board about mandating a "living wage" for employees of local government and of firms contracting with or receiving economic assistance from that government.
Apr 01, 1998
Category: Jobs & Skills
This report provides an overview of the work to date between the Dane County Economic Summit Council and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy to develop industry partnerships, analyze the labor market, and help design a better integrated system of labor market administration.
Joel Rogers | Jan 01, 1998
Category: Jobs & Skills
This article offers suggestions for a strategy to revive labor by examining the general condition for successful union organization and then presenting a stylized model of "traditional unionism" to contrast with the recommended alternative.
Laura Dresser, Scott Mangum, Joel Rogers | Jan 01, 1998
Category: Jobs & Skills
Using a variety of data on wages, family incomes, taxes, unemployment, and wealth and poverty, The State of Working Wisconsin 1998 examines the impact of today’s economy on the living standards of Wisconsin workers and their families. Throughout, we try to put current Wisconsin experience in perspective — through comparisons to national experience and Wisconsin’s own economic past.
Laura Dresser, Joel Rogers | Dec 01, 1997
Category: Jobs & Skills
This report describes changes in the labor market that have contributed to the breakdown of systems that once provided workers with clear signals and good training. It also discusses the results of those changes for incumbent workers and new labor market entrants, focusing on the growing problems that workers face. The report describes a series of projects that seek to overcome those problems and discusses some elements of theory that might unite practice on the ground and help identify the ways that these distinct projects could grow to develop further leverage in jobs systems.
Joel Rogers | Sep 04, 1997
Category: Jobs & Skills
This essay defines the role labor needs to play in the economy. Developing a strategy to have its voice heard, labor can take part in decision making that affects the direction of economic development.
Feb 01, 1997
Category: Jobs & Skills
This document is a methods and strategy guidebook for organizations working in depressed urban areas to help area residents get good family supporting
jobs. Looking at the demand side, the report suggests ways that organizations can identify opportunities in the local economy.